WFFM Structure

The World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM) is an international nonprofit, nongovernmental organisation promoting the cooperation between societies of Friends of museums throughout the world, in order to enhance the value of museums and encourage the safeguard of our cultural heritage.

WFFM is formed by its members, in turn divided into the following categories: Active Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members, Benefactor Members, Donor Members and Individual Members.

The governing bodies of the WFFM are:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up by WFFM’s officers: the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and one Vice President for each of the four established geographical regions (Africa-Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and South America). The members of the Executive Committee are elected by the Council and their offices have a three year tenure.

The Executive Committee examines and decides on all matters relating to the policy, programme, membership, procedures and finances of WFFM. It accounts for its activities to the Council and the General Assembly.

Nowadays the Wffm´s Executive Commitee comprises:

President: Dr. Ekkehard Nümann

Secretary General: Cecilia García Huidobro

Vice-President (Africa-Asia-Pacific): Carolyn Forster

Carolyn Forster

Vice-President (Europe): Elsa Amatriain

Vice-President (North America): Murray Tarnapoll

Vice-President (South America): Sofía Weil de Speroni

Treasurer: Ronald Stride


The Council is the managing body of WFFM and its activities are subject to the approval of the General Assembly. The Council meets once a year. It comprises the members of the Executive Committee, the delegates of all Active Members and four delegates representing Associate Members.

The Council ensures that the decisions and resolutions of the Executive Committee are given effect and that all WFFM’s strategic plans are carried out. The council ratifies the annual budget and recommends the approval of the financial reports to the general assembly.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all WFFM’s members (Active Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members, Benefactor Members, Donor Members and Individual Members), including the Executive Committee and the Council.

As the supreme governing body of WFFM, the General Assembly adopts new policies and proposals, elects and confirms Council members, approves the budget and the accounts, receives and reviews Council reports on the yearly activities of WFFM, drafts the programme for the following year.

The General Assembly meets annually and is presided by the WFFM President.